Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wedding Celebration in Malaysia Style

We attended another wedding in early September which coincides with the Primary school 1 week break...just nice we were able to travel to another country together again for a 4 days 3 nights stay :) The kiddos were super excited coz they could take the airplane again & of course no homework to do as well *laughed*. It was also a good exposure for them to see the difference between the 2 weddings held in different countries.

When we knew we have to attend the 2 days wedding in Kuantan, we were hesitating whether to drive up or to take a flight. Travelling for 5-6 hours in the car with 3 noisy kiddos did not seemed ideal to us so we decided to travel by air which only take around an hour to reach the destination. there were only 2 airlines that flew direct from Singapore to Kuantan (Malaysia Airlines & Firefly) and we got ourselves booked for the budget airlines instead.

As usual hb who left everything for me to organise got a shocked when he saw the size of the firefly airplane coz it looked smaller than other budget airlines which we took before.   
 YQ posed with the small aircraft before take off :)

 Chewy sweets for kiddos to munch in the flight

 Weather was quite unpredictable..suddenly it rained...suddenly it was sunny again. Weather was super hot in Kuantan.

 Aunt booked our hotel stay at Vistana, service & the food was not too bad :)

 Wedding Day 1 - YS was asked to be the door boy & YQ was the flower girl. Bride was not from Kuantan so the groom (my cousin) came to fetch his bride from Vistana hotel....

 In Malaysia, most families will organise a wedding buffet dinner either at the groom's or the bride's home before the actual formal wedding dinner celebration. Canopies were set up outside my aunt's house for the buffet at night.

 Groom brought the bride back to his house for tea ceremony :)

Wedding Day 2 - Dinner was held at the seafood restaurant. In Kuantan, its a norm to have karaoke session during the wedding dinner. So whether you are a good singer or bad singer, no one will complain at all :P
But most of the time, aunties & uncles will go up the stage & sing their favourite dialect songs.

It was nice to catch up with my relatives...wished we could gather together more often.

video-2012-09-02-20-32-49.mp4 from Amie on Vimeo.
My future dancing king!

Congratulation once again to Mr & Mrs Siang..wishing both of them a blissful marriage!

During this trip, we also went to a few places which I will blog about later on...


  1. Yay I love weddings! One of my bestie is getting married next weekend and I'm so excited! I'll one of the jie meis handling the "gatecrash" *evil laugh*


    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Ai - I'm sure u will have lots of fun "torturing" those brothers & groom :)

    Adeline - MIA but still very busy with the kids..haha