Thursday, October 11, 2012


Few days ago, an intruder went into our house without warning & luckily no one was hurt. To cut the long story short, our main gate was left opened in the morning as we were about to leave the house. Junior YS picked the right timing to pass motion & I had to bring him to the toilet located in the master bedroom upstairs to clean him up. 

So the door was opened, my mum was in the kitchen getting herself a drink, YS & YQ were waiting downstairs and I was in the master bedroom with Junior YS. Intruder came in, climbed over the safety gate barrier and went upstairs. Older kiddos did not alarm us about it but luckily my mum saw part of the intruder's body walking up the stairs. My mum thought my hb came back to do his "business" & alarmed me if I saw him. I told her there was no one & went to all the rooms to check. Suddenly I saw some clothing left on the small stool in the common toilet, the door was not closed. I sensed something was not right & quickly grabbed my kid down and we dashed out of the house. Locked the door and asked my neighbour to call the guard's house for help. I dialed 999 and informed the police station about it. 

Minutes later, police came & found a man reeked of alcohol smell inside our common toilet. They did not let me go up & see him coz he was naked =__=. I could only wait outside of the house for the policemen to finish their job. I was told he was very drunk & he went into the wrong house. I was skeptical about his reason but since he did not steal anything from our house, the police could only bring him back to the police station for further interrogation. Police took down our statements, took pictures & left. I was relieved that the kiddos & my mum were alright. 

A few hours later, the intruder's wife & sister came to apologised for what had happened. Apparently they stayed a few blocks away & the man went to the wrong block which was why he thought he came back to the correct house. Sigh! Anyway, the police is handling the case & hopefully this man learnt his lesson well.

Lesson learnt:
1. Never leave the front gate door open even for a minute if we are not going to leave the house immediately.
2. When intruder is in the house, try to evacuate from the house asap & lock the door to prevent him from escaping. (If possible, remember to grab hold of your mobile phone to call for help)
3. Quickly dial 999 for help.
4. Stay calm & wait for the policemen.
5. Make sure the intruder did not escape through other exits (eg, windows)

After the police left, I asked the kiddos:

Me: Who opened the door?

YS: YQ opened the door...

Me: Why did you let the stranger come in?

YS: I thought he came to look for you mah!

Me: Early in the morning, why would I ask someone to look for me?

YS & YQ: ...........................

Me: *shake head* Next time, don't let any stranger come in just like that, must alert the adult nearest to you ok! 

Now my heart is still feeling weak after that incident.


  1. Aiyo, your reaction very fast! If it's us, we will just shoo the intruder out. Dont think we would even call the police. Anyway thankfully it was all just a mistake and no one was hurt.

  2. Oh no! The horror! I would freak out! Glad all is well and a misunderstanding at that.

  3. Oh no! How scary!! Luckily you and the kiddos are fine but certainly a lesson to be learnt here.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Goodness, thanks for sharing this post. This is so scary and thanks for the tips. It is nice of the family members to come over and apologise but wow, he is that drunk early in the morning?!?!? =__+"""

    1. Yes, Apparently he was so drunk that he did not know what was happening till he was escorted into the police car.

  5. Goodness Gracious! That is SCARY!!!! Thanks for reminding me that I shouldn't take Singapore "safe" status for gronted!!!

  6. Glad you're all okay, sounds like a genuine case of mistaken intrusion. But it is shocking to see a stranger in your home, I'm sure.

  7. Whao..that must have been a really hair raising experience for you. Luckily no one was hurt and nothing was stolen. Glad that the police managed to handle it.

  8. Oh dear... luckily you did what your gut feel told you - grab your kids and run out of the house! Glad everyone is ok, stay safe!

  9. Such a drama! Glad to hear you guys are all safe. I'm not sure if I can remain as cool and composed as you.

    1. I wasn't that cool & composed lah..haha. I was acting like a mad woman trying to shoo everyone out of the house :)