Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kid's Talk

Talking with children can quite challenging at times. I'm not referring to those "googoo-gaga" sort of conversation. I meant real conversation that requires me to think on how to answer them and explain it in layman term.

YS: Mummy, E always like to come & talk to me.

Me: Why?

YS: I don't know but he is very funny, always like to joke and I laughed until cannot stop.

Me: It's good to have a friend who can make you laugh.

YS: But hor, he is quite poor thing. Parents not by his side because they are working in other countries and he stays with his grandma. There is no one to teach him so he always get very poor result. Every time when the teacher passed back the papers to us, teacher will asks us to cheer him to "加油"! *sigh*

Me: Then you better study hard so that you can influence him to be more hardworking. As the saying goes.."近朱者赤,近墨者黑".

YS: Har? 猪? (he thought the sound of 朱 is 猪).

Me: No lah! I'm not referring to pig. I'm saying if you mix with good friends, you will become a good boy and if you mix with bad friends, you will become a bad boy. Understand? So now, you should be a good boy & set as a role model for E to follow you since he likes to talk to you. If you are hardworking, he will follow too.

Talking to a 2 years old, 5 years old & 7 years old at the same time is quite similar like multi tasking. All of them will talk to me at the same time on different topics & expect me to answer their questions at the same time. Hallo children...mummy only has a mouth to talk & a brain to think!
Sometimes I will answer the 5 years old first and the 7 years old will give me a "Are you done with your talking with mei mei?" look. When I answer the 7 years old first, the 5 years old will keep on repeating "mummy...I tell you....blah blah blah...." until I get to hear her side of the story. Or sometimes when I really need to talk to either one of the bigger kids, the 2 years old will come and bug me with his "mummy...mummy....mummy...milk...milk...milk...mummy..." until I have to stop the conversation & go to the kitchen to get his milk done so that he can give me some peace. At times I feel that if only I can split myself into 3 parts then everyone will be happy :)

There will never be a better solution unless they are willing to take queue number & take turns to talk to me in an orderly manner, wishful thinking on my part *laughed*.


  1. Oh wow, YS sounds so grown up and mature and a "thinker". I think empathy is an important thing to cultivate in kids, so good job on that,

    Heh heh, I feel like i'm in a madhouse at times too, having to juggle with just 2 demanding kids... Kudos to u for doing such a good job with three!

    And thanks for linking up!

    1. Oh mine is totally like a wet market most of the times...can drive me up the wall lols!

  2. So cute...all 3 kid vying for your attention at the same time. I know how tortuous it can be at times :)

  3. Haha so funny! It is so true. It's difficult to always have to think of ways to answer them!

    1. Yah..if we answer too "chim" they will keep on asking why and why :)

  4. Totally LOL-ed at this. I only have one so far, but already he must butt in to every conversation I'm having with my hubby or my parents or friends or when I'm on the phone.

    This scene of handling 3 kiddie conversations simultaneously sounds just like how my mum used to tell me how it was with me and my 2 brothers as kids. She finally resorted to giving a 2 minute timeframe per child so she could handle each one by one!

    1. Oh well..I tried the time frame before, but then they will keep asking if the time is up or not so I gave up.