Monday, November 26, 2012

Final Progress Report of 2012

It's coming close to the end of the term & I had gone for 2 sessions of Parent-Teacher Meeting within a month. Time flies, Junior YS is now coming in 28 months. He joined childcare during May and its been a roller coaster ride for him. He falls sick almost every month & he is still trying to recover from his nasty cough *shake head*. Overall he is improving bit by bit and slowly adjusting himself to the childcare routine. His signature "sunshine" smile always makes the teachers laugh when they see him in the morning. He loves to see us when we come to fetch him home, he will say very loudly "Bye! Bye! See you again" to teachers or friends. I hope he can quickly recover properly & build up his immune system so that he can lessen the days of absence from the school.

YQ is still the sensible & a hardworking student in her teachers' eyes. She has no problem interacting with her peers in the school too. Although Junior YS studies in the same school as her, she will take care of him when the need arises. I have no complaint at all about her progress in academic or EQ. Hopefully she will maintain this way or be even better next year! 

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  1. I look forward to PTCs too.. interesting to see how the teachers perceive my girl's behaviour in school :) She still falls sick quite often though, hope this phase will end soon.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka