Friday, November 16, 2012

Proud Moment Of The Day

Since the day I graduated from this school, the fond memories of my teachers & friends were always in my heart. I remembered we used to have annual prize-giving ceremony too (only for top 3 & the best conduct student in the class). I used to receive the "Best Conduct" award consecutively for 4 years & we were given book vouchers as a reward back then.

Yesterday, I went back to the school hall again as a proud parent. I was waiting eagerly for the ceremony to start & glanced around looking for YS face among all the students who were sitting quietly in the hall. My 1 year of hard work had paid off & was happy to see drastic improvement in his studies from Term 1 to Term 4. As the saying goes, you reap what you sow. 

Dear son,

I hope you will continue to study hard & maintain the consistency in your studies. I hope you can be more pro-active in your studies so that mummy can nag lesser at you :)
Now you might find studying is a chore but when you grow up, you will understand why mummy puts so much time & effort to coach you. Nothing comes easy & you will bound to face obstacles along the journey. Take each obstacle as a challenge & feel free to consult us when necessary. We are always there for you & keep up the good work!

We are very proud of you, son!