Friday, December 14, 2012

Chits Bar + Restaurant

We patronised this restaurant a few times before & usually we went there for dinner. You can enjoy the live band & the sea breeze in a very relaxed setting. A couple of times I tried to take pictures with my mobile phone but the pictures turned out to be a disaster at night. This time round, we went there again during late afternoon & so my mobile phone was busy clicking away at some of the foods we ordered.

 Their food menu was very simple, mostly consist of munchies, soups, salads, main course, pizzas, spaghetti, burgers, sandwiches, deserts and some local delights.

 Their regular customer was thinking hard what to order :)

 The weather was bright & sunny....

 Kiddos ordered their favourite fish & chips

 My mum ordered the Norwegian Salmon Fillet
(she felt the consistency was not there as the previous time she ordered tasted nicer)

Hb ordered beef hor fun, thumbs up from him! 

A Hawaiian Pizza for myself to share with the small boy :)

Chit's Bar and Restaurant
11 Changi Coast Road
Singapore 499740
Tel: 62149168

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  1. The fish & chips are kids size portion?
    Beef hor fan looks delicious =)

    1. Hi Jen,
      Yup they have kids size meal for children :)

  2. When does the live band perform there? Would love to visit it one of these days.. :)

    1. Actually I don't really know the actual timing but when we reach there around 8pm for dinner, the band is already playing there.

  3. Ooh! A friend of mine brought me there a few weeks ago and I loved it! We were there late evening so it was nice & breezy. Food was not bad too. But hor... the live band that night not so happening :P My friend also didn't help matters when she kept spotting insects crawling around the floor. I kept telling her we are outdoors, they live outdoors and WE are the one invading their space. So every few mins, she will suddenly freeze mid sentence or shriek. Haiz... I am still determined to bring my boys there one of these days.

    1. Liz - ask your friend to bring some insect repellent next time when she's outdoor dining. But so far we have no issues with the insects when we dined there :)