Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Phuket Trip {5th-8th Dec 2012} Part 1 of 2

This time, Hb chose Phuket as our holiday destination because he loved the sun, the sand & the sea plus he could go there for a game of golf. Kiddos complained that 3D2N holiday was kinda short the previous time so we decided to go for a 4D3N super relaxing holiday instead with no itinerary planned.

When it comes to travelling, the part which I dreaded most is to PACK before a trip & UNPACK after a trip. Oh well....I guess as a mother of 3 kids, I have a list of things I must pack whenever we go for a short trip to a foreign land.

Don't be surprised by the amount of medication I brought along during our trip. I prefer to play safe & think ahead on what will happen if any of the kids start to fall sick during the trip. Its no joke when we have to search frantically for pharmacy or nearby clinic during odd hours. For sure, I will bring along medication for fever, cough, flu, diarrhea & asthma. Don't forget to bring along a thermometer too! Yah...super kiasu & kiasi mummy here wrapped individual bottles separately to prevent leakage :P

Looked how happy hb was, he managed to bring along his golf bag along for this trip. Oh..he will be playing alone anyway coz I had given up on golfing a long long time ago. 

Junior YS was wide awake during the take off this time & he did not cry at all *smiled*. In fact, he was reading very carefully for the very 1st time on where were all the "emergency exits". At least, one of them will know where to evacuate during emergency landing :P

Hb booked Millenium Resort from Expedia.com and it was located very conveniently within the city area. Patong Beach was 10-15 minutes walk away from the hotel & the shopping mall was located just beside the hotel. 

By the time we checked in & relaxed a bit, it was late afternoon already. We decided to venture around the city area to "look see look see" a bit. Saw this very cute tuk-tuk taxi, had slight vintage "feel" :)

When we walked to the Patong beach, all the deck chairs were slowly kept away by the business vendors. 

YQ saw some shops offered hair braiding services & she insisted to have hers done since she missed the opportunity to do it during the Bali trip. Now she got her wishes granted :) 

The 1st shop we went to wanted to charge us 150 baht per braid & luckily the person was not around. We decided to venture along the street to look for another shop & this shop charged us 100 baht after we bargained with her.

When its time for dinner, we went to try one of the local food hawker stalls & it was a bad decision. The next day, two kids were down with diarrhea & vomited. From then on, we only patronise restaurants in the shopping mall. 

Jungceylon Shopping Centre was located directly beside the hotel. You could go to their supermarket to get freshly cut fruits at very cheap prices..yum yum! Their supermarket were stocked with varieties of diaper & milk powder brands. When hb was enjoying his half day golf at the golf course, we wasted no time to pamper ourselves too.

My mum went for their cheap facial service located in the shopping centre. I must tell you that these beauty salons business were so competitive, their cheapest charges range from 299 baht to 349 baht. There were 3 big salons providing these services & all were open concept salon. Any passer by who walked pass will be able to see what everyone was doing.

I needed a pedicure badly so I went to one of their salons to pamper myself. YQ tagged along with me & when she wanted to get hers done too. I told her to try out their manicure & asked her to choose a colour she liked. She told me :"Mummy, I want to choose something shiny shiny one!". Their charges were quite reasonable too, only 400 baht for manicure or pedicure.

 See her fingernails, shiny or not? Gold & red glitters some more @__@

 YQ showed off her braided hair & shiny fingernails :)

 As for myself, purplish blue colour for my toes.

After a game of golf & some pampering, we proceeded to the hotel poolside for some fun.

Ending the day with some mojito..hmm..that's life!

Next post, I will blog about our islands hoping adventure.
Have a nice day!

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