Monday, December 31, 2012

Reminiscing 2012 - What A Year!

It's coming close to a chapter in 2012 & its been "sort of" a busy year for me...
Looking back, I felt like I have done a lot yet very little...sounds contradicting huh!
I have achieved some of my goals & others are left redundant. Hopefully I can finish some of my personal goals & keep looking forward to accomplish more...

Highlights of 2012
1) House
We sold our very 1st house last year & moved out of our nest in early February. We also bought our new home & hopefully we can move over as soon as it is ready.

2) Kids
-YS has started Primary 1 & received the "Best Progress" award in the class. Although the journey was not easy for both of us but our efforts had paid off eventually. I hope he can continue to study hard & play hard too.
-Junior YS has started childcare in May and its been quite heart pain to see him getting sick most of the times. I hope he can build up his immune system faster so that less occurrence of absenteeism from the school.
-YQ has progressed from pre-primary to primary level in Ballet class and she went for her very first ballet performance in mid December. 

3) SMB Group
I've been blessed to know a bunch of mommy bloggers through SMB since April whereby we can share & exchanged tips on parenting & blogging.

4) Travelling to Bali, Kuantan & Phuket
We were fortunate to be able to go for short family trips this year & hopefully we can save enough money to bring the kids to Hong Kong Disney Land next year :) 
Eh....I'm still looking forward to have a honeymoon trip to Venice if possible *dreaming*

5) Blog exposure to media invitation, product reviews, guest posting...
I was more motivated to maintain my blog this year. Revamped my blog, got my own blog's domain name, started twitter/ instagram/ Facebook page account & blogged even more. I had the opportunity to get invited to media invitations, sponsored invitations, product reviews & guest postings. I'm starting to love all these & hope for more in 2013...woohoo!

Lastly I'm thankful to my mum & my hubby for being there for me & believed in me that I could actually do something for the family. Let's hope year 2003 will be another great year for all of us...

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  1. way to go Amie! A better 2013 awaits! :)

  2. Sounds like an awesome year for you indeed! Happy new year! :)