Thursday, January 3, 2013

[Sponsored Review] - The Importance of Financial Literacy: Richminds Academy

My kids were invited for a day camp with the Richminds Academy two weeks ago. I'm glad that they enjoyed the camp & they were telling me what they had learnt on that day.

It is a programme that help children to understand money matter at an early age to make better decisions later in life by introducing simple principles of Spend, Save, Earn, Share and Build. With these values, they hope to educate children that nothing is free in the world and that they should not take the things they have for granted. This curriculum is suitable for children aged 5 to 12 years old.

Both of them went to different classes due to different age groups. YQ went to the Rich Minds Kids Camp (aged 5-7) & YS went to the Rich Minds Junior Camp (aged 8-10). They loved how they were taught on how to handle money, knew the difference between wants & needs. Mentors who were teaching & guiding them were warm & friendly too.

 Upon arrival, each student was given a blue file & they were asked to use the stickers available to paste & decorate by themselves.

 YQ was so thoughtful, on her "piggy bank" she wrote "I want to save to buy ice-cream for mummy & daddy".

 As for YS, he wanted to save to buy a dog for himself.

I was not present with the children throughout the camp but I was able to check out the Richminds Academy  Facebook Page frequently to get myself updated on the pictures uploaded by them.

Photo taken by Richminds Academy 
Children pretended to be sellers (using fake foods & fake money)...

Photo taken by Richminds Academy  
Children pretended to be sellers (using real foods)

Photo taken by Richminds Academy  
The children were playing "passing the coin" game..

YS did the forfeit with Teacher Daniel..

Final posed at the end of the course.

Richminds Academy
Rochester Mall
35 Rochester Drive
Singapore 138639
Email: enquiry@richmindsacademy.com

Disclaimer: The children received a complimentary class from Richminds Academy. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are of our own.


  1. That's my son in the first photo! No wonder, I thought you looked familiar but wasn't too sure :)

    1. hehe...nice to "meet" you in person too although we didn't have the chance to talk to each other :)

  2. hi hi Amie, came across your blog at Richmind fanpage, then realise your boy and girl were in the same session as my boys :)

    cheers, Andy (SengkangBabies)

    1. Hi Andy,

      yup, they were...nice to meet you :)