Friday, February 15, 2013

Pique Nique @ Takashimaya

It's been quite a while since I last stepped into Takashimaya so I was quite surprised to find a small restaurant (located on B1, beside KFC) while shopping with hb. Initially we wanted to go elsewhere to have a nice lunch but in the end decided to give this a try. We were pleasantly surprised with the food actually :)

 I liked the name card design, so flowerly...

 I ordered this & was very satisfied with the salad dressing they used for the salad. I did not know what is the name of the sauce but it was definitely one of the best chicken salads I tried so far.

The sauce was slightly hot & spicy & overall it tasted very yummy.

The fries portion was quite big, can feed more than 2 person. It came with the beef goulash for us to pour the sauce over the fries or you can just dip the fries into the sauce. The beef was soft & tender too.
By the time we finished the fries, we were too full to try their dessert / patries. Probably next time, I will come back & try those cakes :P

Pique Nique
Takashimaya Departmental Store
391A Orchard Road
Ngee Ann City Tower A
Singapore 238873
Tel: 6238 6705  
Website: www.piquenique.com.sg

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  1. It sounds like a really cozy place for a date. Will try it out if I pop by Orchard. ::)

    Dominique@Dominique's Desk

  2. Oh we LOVE the cakes!!!!!! You MUST try it next time!

  3. we walked past many times since it opened and I've been wanting to try but never get to it. I really want to try the chilli seafood pasta now. Love spicy food!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka