Friday, February 22, 2013

Yum Cha @ Chinatown

I was running an errand at Chinatown area & decided to have dim sum for lunch. I googled & decided to dine at Yum Cha restaurant with my mum. The servers came in their food carts & put those foods on our table once we placed our orders. 
Probably it was a bit crowded that day because we waited quite a while for another food cart to come by our table again. Our mood were dampened by their slow service.

I liked their buns, I only remembered the yellow one was called "nai you bao". I was unable to recall the other one but it was yummy & there's even some salted egg yolk in the middle of the green bun.

My favourite dim sums got to be feng zua (chicken feet) & xiao long bao *yumz*
What is your favourite dim sum?

20 Trengganu Street (off Temple Street)
#02-01 Singapore 058479]
Tel: 6372 1717

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  1. Mmm
    Next time lets go to red star!!! My fav has to be Siew Mai. Or maybe ha gao or pi dan Zhou. Actually they all tie for top spot. Together with chee Cheong fun. Haha. I want dim sum now!!!