Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hair Issues

Before Chinese New Year, we would try to doll up ourselves from head to toe. Getting a haircut is one of those things we will usually do. Last week, I brought Junior YS for a haircut & he did not shed any tears this time round, I was so proud of him! 

As for YS, he was getting more self-conscious about his appearance. He envied some of his peers who were able to grow longer hairstyles & wanted to be like them too. He preferred to style his hair the way he wanted. Hb was not very fond of him having longer hair which was why he has been having the "botak" hairstyle since young. 

Since his hair was still quite short, I asked the hairdresser to trim the sides & back of his hair so as to allow him to grow his hair slowly. Of course, no "ah-beng" or "ah-seng" hairstyles was allowed in our household :)  
When YQ saw both brothers had their haircuts, she wanted a haircut too. She asked the hairdresser to trim her hair till shoulder length because she wanted to look the same as her BFF *shake head*. So yah..she was a happy girl too after she got her wish granted. Her teacher was shocked to see her hairstyle the next day & commented "What happened to your long silky hair?". I guess the teacher was feeling more heart pained than she was :P

I had mine cut too a couple of weeks ago but no colouring, rebonding or perming this time round (save time & money). How about you? Have you changed a new hairstyle to welcome the year of Snake?

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  1. Me too! Angel and I just went for hair cuts two days ago! But the price and queue are horrendous! Haha. Happy CNY in advance to you and your family! =)