Thursday, February 7, 2013

Not One But Two Secretaries...

YS has been getting along very well with his classmates & friends in the school after the bullying saga last year. Even his form teacher commented in his report book that he is very popular in the class. I'm glad he is able to foster good relationships with his peers & I have lesser worries now knowing that he won't be bully in one way or another.

Yesterday, I received two weird calls after I sent YS for his math enrichment class in the evening. 

Caller: Hi! Can I speak to YS?
Me: May I know who is on the line?
Caller: My name is XX.
Me: YS is not with me now... 
Caller: Oh ok...thank you *hung up the phone*

One hour later.....

Caller: May I speak to YS?
Me: He is having his tuition now, may I know what is your name?
Caller: I'm JJ
Me: Oh...is there any important thing you want to look for him?
Caller: Can you please tell YS that he has Social Studies homework?
Me: Sure, thank you. I will pass the message to him later.
Caller: Ok...thank you...bye bye...good night.

Yup, I received 2 calls in a night from 2 girls but I'm enjoying this process of not giving YS a mobile phone so that I'm able to screen all his calls..haha!

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