Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Reality Of Being A Mom

On weekdays, I have to make sure I wake up on time.
I have to wake everyone up on time.
I have to prepare everything on time.
This is me in reality!

"Children! Wake up now!", I said.
I rushed to the kitchen to prepare their water bottles, hb's vitamins & drink.
Came back 10 minutes later, all of them were still in bed.
"Children! Time is running out & wake up now", I said again in a louder tone.
They were not moving an inch of their butt.
"Children! I'm counting from 1 to 10 now..", I said.
Its been a constant battle for me to wake them up every morning because I had to make sure we could leave the house on time to beat the traffic.

That day, I lost my cool...
I shouted at my son for taking his own sweet time & he purposely woke his siblings up who had no school that day.
I slammed my hand against my palm in a fit of anger.
Suddenly, I stopped & looked at my thumb.
The result of my hot tempered nature.

The whole day, I was reflecting on my action.
Am I being too harsh on him?
Probably I was but I was glad the one who got hurt was myself.

That night, I had a talk with my son.
I was explaining to him the reason of my outburst.
He seemed to understand.
I felt better after talking to him & stroked his head until he dozed off...


  1. hugs mommy.. i had my fair share too.. but in ur case u ended up hurting yourself.. in my case, to stop my son sometimes i resort to slapping him across his face! :S i really don't want to do it but those moments just happened and i will always apologize to him after.. been trying to work out something to stop my uncontrollable temper..

  2. You are not alone in this Amie. I have bad days everyday too. Oops. I said too much.