Thursday, March 7, 2013

No More Gumball...

I have removed all the kid's channel from the cable TV. I am not trying to deprive them from their childhood but I am just trying to limit the amount of time they are spending to watch cartoon programs during weekends. Over the years, I have rely more & more on the children programs to entertain the kiddos while I need to do other stuff at home, 

Usually I have no objection with them watching children programs but recently I realised that they are watching a channel which I dislike. I dislike the language & the way the cartoon characters portray themselves as. What should I say? Simply not adding any value to my kiddo's development. It all started when they watched & got hooked to this cartoon program during our Phuket trip when we stayed in the hotel.

When I found out that I could not just omit 1 kid's channel only from the cable tv package, I was so frustrated. In the end, we decided to cancel all the children channels & replaced to other channels which we felt will be more beneficial to them. 

I hope they can understand our good intention & they should be thankful that they are still able to watch Okto channel sometimes *laughed*. So children! mummy will expect all of you to pick up your story books & read more often to me :)


MUMMY! What? No more gumball?

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  1. Oh I agree. Some of the cartoons seem to be more directed at teens and even adults!