Friday, March 1, 2013

Happiness is seeing your kids....

Happiness is when you get to see your kids sleep soundly & peacefully together..

Happiness is when your kid loves the same food as you do...

Happiness is when your kid wants to study without being nag at...

Happiness is when your kid wants to learn how to use the toilet bowl...

Happiness is seeing your kid growing healthily...

All these simple happiness is enough to make me smile :)

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  1. Love the first photo of the boys sleeping! They fit each other so perfectly! And oh, my girl absolutely loves the food that I love and detest the ones I detest, not on purpose. Haha. Totally agree on the toilet bowl too! Thanks so much for linking up! =) Happy Friday to you!

  2. Kids really look very sweet when they are sleeping :)

  3. hi there, I'm pretty new on this whole motherhood business with one 15 month old and hopefully more coming. m trying to start recording her milestones on my blog yet work is so intense I find it so tough.. but seeing that u r a working mum with three kids n still able to blog totally inspires me! Keep up the good work! n Hey do pop by when you are free :-D www.mishmashmess.blogspot.sg