Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mummy Poser

When I saw this video on YouTube, I can't help laughing because some of the scenes reminded myself to be like that at times. I tend to take lots of pictures with my mobile phone too. You know...take pictures of the scenery, my kids, the food & myself..so a bunch of us (mummies) decided to take up the challenge & have our own version of "zi-pai" (self-taken pictures) just to have some light humour on a mid-week to chase away the blues...

Here are my self-taken shots 0-10

Shot 0 : Sad!

 Shot 1: Listen to me!

 Shot 2: Fake Smile!

Shot 3: Perfecto!

Shot 4: Aiyoh...headache!

Shot 5: OMG!

Shot 6: Eh! Got food stuck in my tooth..

Shot 7: Loser!

Shot 8: Rabbit? Cat? Dog?...whatever

Shot 9: Wah Piangz!

Shot 10: Ops! I did it again!

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  1. haahaahaa..... this is seriously entertaining!!! Thanks for bringing a smile across my cheeks on a gloomy rainy Wednesday morning!!

  2. Well that was funny, especially your version at the end! Thanks for the giggle.

  3. Super cute! Totally different interpretation, well done:)!

  4. Hahhahhahhahha!!! AMIE!! Love the shots! Well done. You already got kawaii face mah...

  5. very very creative! hahaha! '1' and '6' had be laughing out loud! hahahahaha!!!!

  6. SUPERRR CUTE!! :) Thanks for linking up.

  7. Hahahaha...love this!! My top 3 so far! (From Sakura Haruka WW linky)

  8. Funny video. I wish i had more time to take more photos with my phone as a mummy. Things happen before I can get the bloody thing out! I get the trying!