Monday, April 29, 2013

My Ambition As A Child

My mother pinned high hopes on me when I was a child but I guess I disappointed her times & times again. She would always tell my children or outsiders the same thing:

"I always hope that she will grow up to be a lawyer but in the end she became rojak!"

Okay, please don't ask me why my mum wanted me to be a lawyer because I'm as clueless as you too.

When I was a young little girl, I'm left at home alone quite often and my companion were the TV, the piano and lots of toys. Surprisingly, my mum told me that I was very easy to take care of when I was young because I could sit in front of the TV for hours. My mum would go to the neighbourhood salon to get her hair done & came back home to find me in one piece sitting in the same spot before she left the house. 

I loved to play with all my dolls and I would role-play by pretending to be someone else in my imaginary world. Here were some of my ambitions I thought I could be when I was young:-

#Actress - I could cry while watching a sad movie, listening to a sad song or thinking of any unhappy memories. I thought I would make a great actress especially if I was put to cast in a sad love story. Probably that was why, I was so happy when teachers selected me to perform on the stage from Kindergarten till Primary school. Suddenly I developed stage fright when I went to Secondary school & I tried to stay away from the limelight from then on.

#Singer - I thought it was very cool to sing in front of a large audience & I loved to sing since young. When I went for dinner functions with my parents, I would volunteer myself to go up the stage & sang a few songs to entertain those adults (you could say I was very thick skinned back then because I did not care if my singing was out of tune or the lyrics was wrong) . Even in Primary school, I would join the choir & school's talentine contest just for fun :)

#Pianist - In fact, I pestered my parent to sign me up for piano lesson when I was about 6 year old. I had so much passion that I practised everyday at home & I thought I would be able to finish till Grade 8 in order to be a certified piano teacher. Who knows, I gave up after Grade 5 & now I really regretted my rash decision now.

#Figure skater - Just happened one day when I was watching the Winter Olympic Games on TV. I was mersmerised by their gracefulness and their costumes. I tried to ice-skate a few times but totally cannot make it.

In reality, the job I worked before as...

#Ice-cream promoter - It was a holiday job that my mother's friend recommended me to try out. Anyway it was just a one month holiday job & I had so much fun giving out ice-cream samples than selling. 

#Retail assistant - I worked for about 3 months while waiting for my O-level results. It was a gift shop selling all sorts of stuffs that tourists loved to buy. The most challenging part was some items were not priced & the boss gave me the freedom to mark up the price. Oh..this part! I wouldn't want to reveal how much I marked up because that was when I realised I have the flair of "selling" without blinking my eyes :P

#Tuition teacher - It was a 6 months stint during my schooling days as I was trying to earn some extra cash. Anyway, it was quite fun and I was amazed by my level of tolerance when I was put in a room with 3 children. They were very kind to me and it was kinda sad when I had to stop due to my job attachment at a hotel. In fact, my mum was more surprised than me because I can't even handle my temper now when I have to deal with my own children.

#BKL Manager - In reality, I'm working for a SME company now. I deal with a little bit of everything but not specialised in something. Not my dream job but I'm quite happy with the flexible working arrangement whenever my children are sick or when I need to take urgent leave to handle some family related stuff. 

Probably when my kids are slightly older, I hope to find my own direction again and do something I love? Will I be too old to find my own passion again? We shall see huh!

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  1. Thanks for linking up! Wah this retail assistant job sounds really cool when you can do your own mark-up! =) perhaps you can venture into the entrpreneur world soon!