Monday, April 15, 2013

Seriously Funny Kids - Animal Sleeping Pattern

According to my son, he thinks our sleeping patterns resemble to a certain types of animal..

YS: Both of you are just like a pig & a goldfish.
Me: ?
YS: Yah..pig & goldfish marry together *giggled*
Me: Who is the pig?
YS: You lah! Coz you snore..
Me: Then why papa is the goldfish?
YS: Becoz he sleeps with his eyes open
Me: *___* 

Oh great! Now how does a pig marry a goldfish look like? One stays on land & the other stays in water. hmm..I was trying to visualise the image & look what I found? A combined look of a pig/fish :)

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  1. Wahahahahahaha..... that is hilarious!!! And that you found a picture for it makes it even funnier...... btw, how does one sleep with their eyes open huh?

    1. Not open entirely, but slightly open eyes..have you seen before?

  2. Your son is hilarious!! Kids really do say the funniest things.

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