Monday, April 8, 2013

Seriously Funny Kids: My Ambition

As a kid, do you used to have an ambition to be somebody when you grow up? I used to hope to become a singer, actress or even flight stewardess..but in reality my voice sounds terrible, my acting sucks & I'm not tall enough too.

On our way to art class & I was having a short conversation with YS & YQ:-

YS: Mummy, next time when I grow up I don't want to be a doctor. 
Me: Then what do you want to be?
YS: I have decided to be a teacher.
Me: Oh...then you have to study harder so that you are able teach your students different subjects, such as Math, Science, English, Chinese, Arts, Music or even Sports.
YS: Har? *speechless*

YQ: Mummy, I want to be a nurse.
Me: Why don't you be a doctor?
YQ: NOoo...nurse can help those patients.
Me: Doctor is better coz the nurse is the doctor's assistant, they help those patients based on doctor's instructions.
YQ: Oh...ok lah..then better be a doctor.
Me: Yah...then when mummy is sick, I can get free consultation & medication from you *grin*

Now, I wonder how many more years I can still have such silly conversation with them :)
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  1. Wahahahahahaha.... ambition is another funnu topic with kids. I love ys responds the the prerequisite of being a teacher!!