Friday, May 3, 2013

Class Monitor

YS's wish to become a class monitor finally came true. When he told me softly about the good news while we were walking together towards my car, I could sense his happiness. It was a big deal to him because he had to "behave" like a leader in front of the class and be the teacher's little helper. 

So I had a little prep talk with him about being a class monitor:

#Be a role model - Never do the things that a monitor should not do. Cannot skip school, no lying, no stealing, no fighting and no swearing. Try to portray a neat & tidy image at all times.

#Be helpful - Be the teacher's best helper & always willing to help those in needs.

#Be Fair - You have to be fair when penalising anyone for misbehaving in the class.

#Be serious - When its time to be serious, you got to be SERIOUS. You can't be a clown in the class!

#Be lenient at times - Sometimes we need to "pang chance" to 1st offenders so & encourage them not to repeat again.

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  1. *smile* He looks really happy with his new status!! Good job YS!! And good job mummy!!

  2. Congrats to your son, YS!
    He must be very well liked by both the teacher and his peers to be elected!
    Well done mummy!

  3. Congrats, you must be so proud of him! And I liked the 5th point esp, sometimes must close one eye and give chance I guess! ;)