Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Disaster Driving Lessons

I remembered when I took up driving lessons from an Aussie driving instructor back in Melbourne, the part which I dreaded most was parking. I was lousy in parking partly because she did not teach me the conventional way like how Singapore instructors would normally teach their students (I think you should know if you learnt your driving in Singapore). She was those type of instructor that just sat there & would say "okay! drive the car into the slot". There was no clear instruction or whatever as long as I could squeeze the car into the parking slot without damaging her car. Another lesson which I hated was driving up the hill slope whereby I had to use the manual gear to control the car & the car always stalled (I know...you must be thinking why I'm so stupid to learn a manual car instead of automatic gear right?).

When I took the practical exam, I would pray that the tester would not ask me to do any parallel parking. I guess I was lucky, not once but twice *laughed*. I failed my 1st driving test because of a curb while I was turning the car to the left side on the way back to the driving centre. I still remember vividly that my then b/f (now husband) was waiting for me with a rose, he thought I have passed with flying colours. I looked sad & was cursing the stupid curb that spoilt my day. Instead of poking fun on me, he gave me the rose & told me to cheer up. Second time was much easier & I was a happy woman when I walked out of the driving centre.

Anyway, who is be afraid of parallel parking now since the latest cars in the market has auto-parallel parking mode *smile*. Yah! If only I have the money to buy one of those cars right? *dreaming*

When there is no parking slot, squeeze lah!

When there is no parking space, mount onto the curb!
15 years later, I'm now a better driver who is able to ferry my own children to their enrichment classes & their schools. I do not drive dangerously & definitely not the road bully on the road. Occasionally I lost my sense of direction & I might have illegal park a few times due to time constraint. But that's all! I hope my children will drive safely too when they start to drive. 

What about you? What sort of driver are you?

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  1. I'm definitely a safe driver! :p But at times, can be garang... but only when the roads are clear. haha! :p Love the shot of your boy mounting up curb!

  2. they do a lot of parallel parking there, esp in the country side. no wonder you got tested twice hehe.

  3. I too did my driving test in Melbourne. Park the car is just pull up alongside the road..very different from SG but I did learn how to cope with the agressive driving system here in Singapore upon return.

  4. I got my driving license in Orange County, and let's just say if you happen to be behind me while I'm parallel parking, please be patient with me :p Your accompanying photos and captions very funny.