Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tips by Junior YS - How to entertain myself with Sushi (寿司)?

Hi everybody,

Konnichiwa! My mummy often complained that I always give her a hard time during meal times. I know I'm a very fussy eater & I only eat a lot on those that I like. Mummy loves Japanese cuisine & she always crave for it whenever we go out. I don't really fancy Japanese sushi probably due to the strong vinegar taste in the rice but I do like their chicken teriyaki don :)

When my family are enjoying their food, I simply love to disturb them to get  their attention. Oh well! you have to forgive me because I'm still young :P

Okay I shall not affect your appetite & Bon Appetit!

Junior YS

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  1. Oh he is cute , my boys tried it but didn't want it a second time.
    Thanks for linking up .

  2. Sushi ! Xav's favourite !

    I will only offer fussy eaters to choose the better of the two options (unfortunately, both are not to his linking hahaa) Thankfully, Xav is not fussy but rather the fussier one is the mummy hahaha

  3. haha yes, meal-times can be difficult with Lil Pumpkin too! She usually finishes her food, but takes about an hr to do so ><"

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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  4. hehe my kids were the same when they tried sushi.. now they love it!! :)

  5. Very cute! I have one son that adores sushi and costs me a fortune at sushi train in fresh salmon and fish roe, and one son that wants the hot chips. Go figure!