Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What Rubbish In My Bag?

I love bags, big or small, wide or narrow, plain or prints. 
Afterall, its just a BAG (from the male's perspective).
I use different bags for different occasion & this is one of my favourite bags I used for work. What "rubbish" do I have in my bag?

LV card holder
I still don't understand why I have so many cards (credit cards / discount cards).

Black plain pouch
This pouch is used to store all my thumb drives, banking related stuff & important receipts.

Cartoon pouch
Menstrual pads / panty liners.

Hello Kitty pouch
To keep my powerbank mobile battery, just to standby in case my mobile phone's battery runs flat.

Esprit key pouch
To keep all my keys

Sembonia wrislet
My wallet for now, bought it at a very good deal. I dump all my coins, notes & more cards into it. 

Brown small bag (I really can't remember how to call this)
Its a small "bag" with compartments to keep all my lipbalm, lip gloss, compact powder, more discount cards, breath freshener, hairclips & sewing kit so that all that loose items won't lose their way in the big bag.

Eye Drop
It belongs to my son & just to standby inside my bag when he needs it.

Plastic folder
Store all my children's school related newsletter & exam notices.

To kill my boredom

Mobile Phone
(not in the picture)

You can say I dislike messiness inside my bag & which explains why I have so many small pouches inside my BAG :)

So What's in your bag?

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  1. eh! ya! so many pouches to keep this and that. Does it really help to keep you organize or you just have a fetish for pouches? :p Thanks for linking up!

  2. Whao..so many bags within your own bag :) Your LV bag is really eye catching

  3. Brown small bag is call a bag organiser =)

    You really torture your LV bag lol

  4. very organised!!! very unlike my bag haha