Monday, June 3, 2013

The Dead Tooth Saga

YS had a minor accident in the childcare when he was in K2, he was running around & fell down. In the end, one of his front teeth was injured (internally). The discolouration on the tooth was getting more obvious as months passed. There were no signs of him complaining about the injured tooth & we just let it be. Even the dentist also said "Just wait for a while more & see if the tooth will drop or not!" 

The longer we waited, the more worried we were. There were no sign at all from the injured tooth & the other permanent front tooth has already grown out. Finally, the school dentist decided to fix an appointment for YS to go for an X-ray. The dentist pointed out to me on the spot that this tooth was officially "dead" because he could see the other permanent tooth is trying to grow but stopped because this baby tooth refused to drop by itself. The last resort was to extract it out to fix the problem. 

After holding on to my hands for almost 30 minutes, the dentist managed to extract it out from the sobbing boy's mouth. Thanks to the dentist, the boy finally got rid of the "dead" tooth for good although he was hesitating at first due to his fear of pain. After the 30 minutes ordeal, YS received his ice-cream treat to soothe his pain. He no longer complained about the pain, in fact he was worried that he will get teased by his friends because he looked "bo-geh" now *laughed*

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  1. Yaik! So that is what a tooth look like..never really get to see from closer by. Glad he is now free from tooth pain. Don't worry YS you still look as hansom as always :)