Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Shopping for Inspiration

Recently we were trying to get some interior design ideas for our new home. We went "window shopping" at those interior design studios for inspirations & decided to pop by Ikea for more great ideas. We had a hearty lunch before venturing around.

When we did not bring any stroller, we made use of their shopping cart to ferry the kids around when they felt too tired to walk around.

The children looked so relaxed as though the room was theirs.

The children enjoyed themselves with their 50¢ ice-cream treats :)
Although our new home won't be ready until early next year but it will be exciting to see the end products of our creation (provided our budgets allowed us to do that). At the meantime, more research to do for the preparation.

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  1. early next year is coming soon!! so excited for u :) I love looking at interior design mags and shopping at Ikea

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. We love IKEA, always great inspiration!

  3. We live up the road from Ikea and feel sorry for anyone who doesn't. 50c ice-creams, free coffee mon-fri, the whole family can have breakfast for under $20 and free play centre for the kids! Apparently they sell furniture there as well ;-)

  4. Love the yummy ice-cream shots.. hope you have a clearer idea of what you are going to have in your new home after the ikea trip :)

  5. I love IKEA - they have such great furniture and so many great Deco ideas...and that ice-cream looks so yummy :)

  6. The little man looks like he is right at home on that couch :)