Friday, August 2, 2013

Preparing For The Next Phase (Primary 1)

This year, Primary registration was a breeze for me since YQ has enrolled into the same school as her brother. As for the academic preparation, most people would think I should know what do to since it's second time round for me. To be honest, I'm still quite slack when it comes to Pre-Primary 1 preparation probably due to the reason that she is attending phonics lesson and P1 preparatory lesson in the school now. I'm more concerned about getting her to enjoy the last year of kindergarten schooling because I'm sure she will miss all her friends and teachers. 

For academic side,she used to be very strong in her Chinese but probably due to peer influence, I found that her interest in Chinese has decreased significantly as compared to English. Therefore, I'm slightly worried since next year she will be learning higher Chinese in the new school. In my heart, I know that YQ will be able to cope well in her studies since she is managing quite well throughout her nursery to kindergarten years so far (crossed my fingers) but that doesn't mean that she should sit there and do nothing.

Since I know that YQ is quite the proactive child, I decided to buy a few assessment books so that she will do the exercises whenever she is free. Another good thing is, I still keep all her brother's Primary 1 coursebooks. I will try to spend some time to go through with her so she will roughly know what is going on.  

One thing for sure she is definitely looking forward to be able to receive daily pocket money from me plus being able to buy food by herself. However, the most worrying part for me is whether she will be able to finish her food during recess time. Recently, her teachers brought them to one of the nearby Primary school for a visit and allowed them to understand what they will go through next year. They were given the chance to buy food from the canteen by themselves too. At the end of the day, her teacher feedback to me that she could not finish her food in time. So...time to start training her to eat FASTER!

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