Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Word Search Is Addictive

YS told me that he has been playing word search game with his friends in the school. At first, I was puzzled, what word search book? I never buy him any of that sort of book at all. Actually, he has been borrowing his friend's book & they played together by sharing it. That was how he got addicted to it! He kinda hinted to me that he enjoyed the game and it was fun to look up for words.

Before I had any time to get a book for him from the bookshop, I went to print out some from the internet and compiled it into a book for him. Last week, I bought a word search book for him and he was so happy because now he could bring the book to the school finally.

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  1. Oh I loved doing word searches last time too! :) Such a fun activity to do with friends

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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  2. I wonder if my 5.5 year old would be able to do these yet? I'm sure she'd love it - thanks for sharing Amie :)

  3. This is my favourite game!! :)
    Honestly, it's very good for his concentration skills!!!

  4. My boys love these puzzles too. Great pic.