Wednesday, September 25, 2013

When Legends Of Chima Unite...

Lego Chima Masks Party began....
Anyway, I don't really know what Lego Chima is all about until the children told me they watched the cartoon on television. No wonder they were so excited when gugu and gu zhan passed those masks to them.
Chima characters also come in Lego form and children who are obsessed with Chima will bug their parents to buy the Lego play sets.

The Chima who was trying to act "fierce"
These chimas were trying to act "cute"
These chimas trying to pose for me...
Finally, all of them pretended to look up into the "sky"
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  1. So cute to see the cousins playing together. My kids are not in Chima as yet.. coz they don't get to watch it on TV :)

  2. Ha ha they are awesome!!! My kids haven't got into this yet but it's only a matter of time!!

  3. Have no idea what Chima is, but they look super cool with those masks :)