Friday, October 25, 2013

I Am (NOT) A Cool Mom

I always envision myself to be a cool mom before I had kids. In reality, I'm a totally not a cool mom. I lose my cool easily in front of them (which is bad, I know) and I have been trying to work on it FOREVER....

Before my son started his primary education, I thought I can just relax and take it easy. In reality, I will start to panic easily before his term exams and will start my bullet train nagging to remind him for revision and more revisions. My visits to libraries and bookshops are more often than I thought I will be and being the super "kiasu" (scared to lose) & "kiasi" (scared to die) attitude, I will make sure he does as much worksheets and mock test papers as possible....

Maybe every child is different and every child's need varies. Some children will need more guidance in their studies and some simply will just do it without any forcing, yelling or nagging. I'm still trying to explore each individual's potential so that they might have the chance to tap on their interest and potential to succeed in life.

Days ago, I received a form that my son brought back from the school. In fact, I have a mixed feeling when I knew that he was selected to be in the Sports Class for 2 years. Of course, I went to ask a few parents whom I have been keeping in touch and none of their kids were selected to be in this Special PE Programme.  I want to make sure that the rigorous training won't be able to affect his studies and after all its just a CCA to me. After discussion with hb, he felt that its good to give it a try and see if he has any potential in this area. If we never let him try, we will never know what will happen in the future.  


  1. I think the fact that your son was offered to join the class means that the teachers feel he can manage both sports and studies with no problem. It is such a great opportunity, and something to be proud of! :)

  2. I always thought I would be this cool, chillax kinda mother too. Ahem. Not happening yet. Haha!

  3. Have you asked his teacher if being in this class will affect the amount of time allocated to proper lessons? If there isn't a difference between the normal classes and this special sports class, then I think it's wonderful that your son has the opportunity to be part of this class. Boys love sports and it's a good way to teach him how to manage his time well too. :)

  4. Kids always perform when we parents are not around (maybe less stress?) haha.
    I always give them lesser credits than they deserve.

    It is good for them to explore more things in school.
    cheers, Andy (SengkangBabies)

  5. I agree with Kless, it is a good news!

    Take it easy, and I still think you are a cool mum;)!