Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Miracle Of Mary Kay TimeWise®Plus+ Regena-Firm™

My mum married young and gave birth to me when she was 20 years old. It was a norm for people to marry young during those times and because of that people always thought we were sisters. She was once a very sporty woman who loves to golf and aerobics and she knew how to take good care of her skin. 

As years passes, she slowly cut down on most of her active lifestyles and decided to stay at home to look after my children for me. For a woman who sacrifices most of her life and time on her only daughter (which is ME!), I feel quite bad for not being able to let her enjoy the life she should have.

Due to the lack of skin maintenance, her wrinkles and pores on the face are more prominent and obvious now. When Florinda from Flo Mummy asked for volunteers (aged 30s & above) to try out the latest range of Mary Kay TimeWise®Plus+ Regena-Firm™, I thought it would be great idea to request for a set for her to try it out.

The products are:
TimeWise Plus+ Regena-Firm™ Intensive Serum,

TimeWise Plus+ Regena-Firm™ Day Treatment with SPF30/PA+++, 
TimeWise Plus+ Regena-Firm™ Night Treatment with SPF30/PA+++, TimeWise®Plus+ Regena-Firm™ Correcting Eye Cream
 True Dimension Lipstick
I was told that by using Mary Kay TimeWise®Plus+ Regena-Firm™, you can see gradual improvement on the face. Some of the key benefits include:
- Protects the face against skin-aging UVA / UVB damage
- Long lasting moisture
- Even skin tone
- Skin appears lifted & firmer
- Soften the appearance of wrinkles & deep lines

After one month of usage, her wrinkles around her eyes have greatly reduced.
Her pores became smaller.
After using it for a month plus, my mum told me that her face felt smoother, softer, firmer and less wrinkles. She gave 2 thumbs up for these products! Now I'm beginning to worry that one day she will look younger than me *laughed*. 

Do I need to elaborate more? 

The result on my mum's skin is the best testimony of a good product.

For more information on Mary Kay products, you can go to their official FB page.
Alternatively, you can contact Florinda at her Style Essence FB Page.

Disclaimer: I received a set of Mary Kay TimeWise®Plus+ Regena-Firm™ products for review purpose, all opinions are my own.

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