Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Junior YS Progress in 2013

The day before, I was feeling nervous & worried about the Parent-Teacher meeting, who was I kidding to? I have been through this so many times for the 2 older children and I should have felt more immune than anybody else. Inside my heart I know I shouldn't compare and every child has their strengths and weaknesses. Maybe I'm too paranoid about Junior YS's progress in the school, I should just relax a bit and listen to what teachers say.

In my eyes, Junior YS started talking slower than his siblings but when he knows how to speak, his ability to recognise and memorise words come together at the same time. It is also at this period of time, I realised that he loves to read especially English story books. He does not show much interest in Chinese show or Chinese story books even though we are a Chinese speaking family. 

While his English teacher is full of praise about his unique ability to recognise and pronounce out those words which she has never taught them before, his Chinese teacher actually complained that he does not show any interest in Chinese lesson. I think we have a lot of work to do here to spark his interest in Chinese :(

I have tried to converse more in Mandarin with him and force him to reply back in Mandarin. During free time, I will try to do more Chinese flash cards and he seems to be responding well towards my teaching. Well....I guess I need to reinforce more to him about the importance of Chinese and hopefully he will not give his teacher too much headache next year.

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