Monday, November 18, 2013

My Little Girl Is Graduating Soon...

Time flies, my 2nd child is graduating soon and its been a fruitful 4.5 years of childcare life for her. I'm pretty excited for her since she is embarking a new chapter of her life in a new school, new teachers and getting to know new friends there. I hope she will be able to adapt well to the new environment and make me proud one day.

Looking forward to her Primary school orientation.

She looks so much like me when I was around her age in that uniform :)
When she was just 2 years old and just started childcare.
Always looking for her brother when she needed comfort and security.
Teachers' final comments on her progress book.
Since they are unable to go to the same Primary School, they have made a pact to study hard and go to the same Junior College. So cute!

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