Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Wish Time Will Stay Still...

On good days, he will flash his pearly white teeth to me & gives me a cheeky smile.
On bad days, he will throw tantrums and pretends to cry for attention.
He will look for me when he wants to borrow my ipad, to read him a story or request for milk.

He will complain to me about his bad day in the school and he will get frustrated with me when I'm not paying 100% attention on him and says "why are you not listening? I said so many times already!".

Sometimes he can such a sweet darling and keep planting kisses on me when I am mad at him. During bedtime, he will look at me in my eyes and says "Goodnight mummy, I love you!". Slowly he will move his body close to me for reassurance and dozes off to his lala-land *awww*. Totally melts my heart!

I wish time will stay still for moments like these...

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes we just want to freeze the moments but we can't. Luckily we can take photos to remind ourselves how the moment was. I too love them at this age.