Thursday, August 7, 2014

Reno Diary : Paintings & Furnitures

Choosing colours for our home is one of the main issues we discussed before we collected our keys. Our previous home was painted in very light lavender colour all around the house. Partly because we were not adventurous enough and we only chose that colour because it was supposed to be our lucky colour according to "fengshui" beliefs. Seriously our house looked really boring for a good past 8-9 years *yawned*

We decided to discard all the superstitious beliefs and trying to research for more colours to beautify our home. If only time was not a constraint, we would rather paint the house on our own. Anyway, we engaged a painting company to do the job for us and all I could say was they did not do a fantastic job for us.

Probably orange was not a suitable colour to make you relax or entice you to sleep but hb wanted a warmer colour spice up our room :)

For the kid's room, we chosen yellow for the upper part of the wall and blue for the lower part of the wall. We did not want the room to look too feminine or too masculine since all 3 of them are bunking into 1 room.

For study room, we decided to have red, white and black (we bought black book shelves) themed. We believed these colours will be able to stimulates the brain and allow our children to study better.

As for living room, we chose teal and white colours. Teal is supposed to be the colour of the year (2014) and we loved the greenish-blue colour that brings out the ocean feeling. I did not really have the time & energy to put up any photos or pictures on the wall yet...I will get to that part one day, slowly! :P

This time round, we did not actually spend much on furniture as we are still recycling our old furniture which are still in good condition. We did went around to source for a dining table, a bed, cabinets and book shelves.

We went to scout around 2nd hand furniture shops, Courts and Ikea for ideas and inspirations. Seriously there were so many options and designs to choose from and we had to make sure everything that we bought was able to fit into our home (with our existing furnitures).

How about you?
What is your ideal choice of colours for your home?


  1. I love Teal! All your colours are beautifully done. Your dining table is awesome with rounded down edges. Where did you get this? Nice and well done up home :)

  2. Love the teal! Love the dining set!