Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nine is just nice!

Dear son,

In a few days time, you are turning 9 and I am trying to enjoy every moment with you before you proceed to the next phase (tween).

You have grown so much this year and I can foresee that you are going to be as tall as me very soon. I have realised that you have started to be more serious in your studies and trying your best to excel in your sport too.

No doubt you still give me some attitude problems at times but I know you trying to change in that area bit by bit. When I ask for a goodnight kiss before bedtime,  you are starting to behave more shy than your siblings. When I ask for your help to carry things for me, you are learning to manage it without too much complaints.

I love spending quality time with you and seeing you becoming more adventurous to try out different things made me realised that you are no longer that small boy who is still so scared when we used to ask you to do something out of your comfort zone.

You have become more sensible and no longer pesters me to buy toys for you anymore. In fact, I was very happy when you requested me to buy more story books for your birthday presents this year. No matter how time flies, I hope you will slowly grow up to be a better person and a good role model to your siblings. Always remember that we love you no matter what happens!

Happy 9th Birthday!

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  1. Mine just turned nine too, and the toys part does get on my nerves...