Thursday, September 18, 2014

Swim Like A Fish...

Swimming seems to be one of the survival skills that most parents want their children to learn. I have tried to let YS & YQ learnt not from 1 but 2 swimming instructors in the past, I think they learnt for more than a year or so and I did not see much progress from their swimming lessons. I was hesitating whether to let them continue (to waste my money) or to stop them for a period of time until I can find a better instructor. Luckily during that period of time, we were also busy with moving to another part of Singapore so this gave me the valid reason to stop their lessons for the time being. So yah...I actually stopped them for more than 2 years with no formal coaching lessons.

After we moved to our new place, we were able to enjoy the swimming facilities as and when we wanted to without having to squeeze with the crowd on weekends or public holidays. My kids still love swimming very much and I'm still contemplating whether I should spend the money again to engage a coach for them. In the end, hb offered to teach them whenever he has the free time and I can try to teach them (er....with my half past six skill) if there's a need to.

After many months of swimming & playing in the pool, the kids are more confident in the water now. YQ has shown me that she is able to breathe underwater for quite a while so I decided to teach her how to swim while breathing underwater. With a few minutes of coaching, she can swim like a fish....how wonderful is that :) . As for YS, he is able to do back float for a few seconds and Junior YS is trying to swim with his life jacket on. One thing I learnt in life is try not give pressure to them and they will learn the skill slowly one day without realising that they can actually achieve it by themselves.

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