Monday, October 13, 2014

More Books? Bring It On..

Junior YS started reading independently (with minimal help from me) at 3 years old and I guess I was quite surprised to see him often try to make an effort to spell out those words by himself. As a mom, I felt a sense of achievement not only for him but for myself too. His siblings started reading independently later than him so I was not expecting him to start reading during that growing phase. 

When I noticed he has an interest in reading and loves to pronounce those words by himself, I try my best to read with him as often as I can. Going to the library has become a ritual for him and I often borrow books for him using my card. 

Last weekend, I decided to give him a surprise by applying a library card for him and he was so happy. He was definitely one little proud member of the NLB! 

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