Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fulfilling year...

This year I am very pleased with all the feedback from their teachers. Irregardless whether it's a small or big improvement, I think they have done very well and put in their best effort not to give me any heart attack.

Ever since the new Chinese teacher came, Junior YS has proved to his teacher that he is willing to listen attentively in the class and very initiative to help out his teacher. He has put in more effort in his writing too. English teacher commented that he is very strong in his English language and spends much of his free play time in the library corner reading books for his peers.

As for YS, he obtained average results for all his subjects but we hope that he will put in extra effort and do better next year. Teacher commented in his report book that he really puts in the effort and improves his penmanship this semester. Well done!

As for YQ, she has done very well and obtained top 3 in the class. I hope she will carry on her correct studying attitude and score well again for next year.

It doesn't matter if their accomplishment for this year is big or small, I think the most important thing in life is to learn how to improve and do it better the next time round. Good job children! Mommy is very proud of all of your achievements!

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