Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dance Like A Graceful Swan...

Finally, YQ is progressing to the next level in her ballet lessons. Next year April, she will be like all other girls taking her Grade 1 exam and I will be the same usual (freaking out) mother bringing her to the exam venue and hoping she will be able to pass with flying colours.

The parents were invited to sit in and watched all their daughters dancing like little swans in the dancing studio during one of the ballet exam rehearsals. While watching my girl dancing, I became the "strict invigilator" subconciously and trying to see which moves she has done wrongly. While watching the repeats of my videos, I blamed myself for being too conscious of her mistakes. I should be the happy parent enjoying every moves she made, be it right or wrong. Whatever it is, she will always be the swan in my heart!

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