Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snippets of CNY 2015

Four days just passed like a breeze and finally it's back to work and school for all of us. Feasting period is no joke to me and I think I put on 1-2 kg during the festive season. Time to start dieting again! Anyway, I've been pretty lazy taking pictures and here are only some of the snapshots I took when I remembered to do...

Our 1st ever Lao Hei at home, we bought this from a sushi store and tasted pretty alright.

The kids dressed up in their traditional costumes before they went to their school for CNY eve celebrations.

Reunion dinner (buffet) held at my in-law's place.

2nd lao hei for us, it was held at in-law's place and everyone was holding the big mega chopsticks.

1st day of CNY taken with their Ah ma

YQ posed with 2 mandarin oranges.

The ever emo Junior YS who was not very cooperative with me.

We did not managed to get the family outfit since there was no suitable size for hb and YS, we decided to dress up in mother-daughter matchy dresses.

Hb was tying to give a lesson on "how to be a mahjong expert!" to the kids.

My cheeky boy with the auspicious word "huat"!

Gambling was the adults' favourite past time to do at every relative's house.

The children trying to entertain themselves with monopoly boardgame.

Another buffet lunch we had at another relative's place...yums!

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