Friday, March 13, 2015

New Nerdy Look

YS started wearing specs since Primary 2 and thank goodness his degree is not serious to the extend that he needs to put on the spectacles all the time. He is advised to put it on when he needs to see things from afar or when he needs to look at the board in the classroom, this is called short-sightedness. Other than that he has mild astigmatism (defect in an eye that prevents correct focusing).

After 2 years, I guess it's time to bring him for another round to check his eyes condition at a reputable optical shop. Sad to say, his condition did not improve but lucky thing is his degree did not increase tremendously. His eyesight still fluctuate below 180 degrees.

Anyway, the 1st pair of metal framed spectacle was full of scratches and we decided to make a pair of good plastic framed spectable for him this time round. It's lighter and definitely more expensive than the previous pair.

Welcome to the nerdy club!

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