Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The reality of being a FTWM

"Mommy...I miss you!"
"Mommy....can you fetch me earlier?"
"Mommy...can I just come for half the day?"
Recently, my youngest has been telling me these when we are about to reach the school's entrance.

"No, I can't. Mommy has to work full day."
"If mommy don't work, we won't have enough money."
"I promise you, I will come to fetch you as soon as my work is finished."
I can only reply to him like these and it's quite heart pain to see his disappointed face.

In the end, I will leave the school still hearing my son calling out to me and cries at the same time.

At times like this, I wish I can be a SAHM.
Maybe just work part-time, no need to worry about money.
No need to worry about not spending enough time with the kids.
I try my best to spend more time with them.
Bringing them to enrichment classes, trying to understand what they learnt outside.
Making sure their school work is not slagging off.

Husband is working hard for the family, his weekends are usually burnt off.
I can understand his absence most of the times becoz he is trying to bring more moolah home.
This is reality of life we are facing everyday!
I can only pray that one day we can all get out of this shit hole soon.....

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