Friday, June 5, 2015

My boy who loathes to wear his shoes

Junior YS has been displaying a few signs to us since young. He dislikes 1)cutting his toenails, 2)will make a lot of noise when the tag from his clothing irritates him 3)complains of pain while wearing socks or sport shoes

To solve the problem, I have to wait till he is asleep and cut his toenails secretly. He oftens pull his shirt collar which makes him looks so untidy. Recently, he starts to complain of pain when we ask him to wear his sport shoes and for my own convenience sake, I often let him wear the shoes that he prefers.

Occasionally, we do sports together as a family and we have a big problem getting him to put on his sport shoes. On bad days, he struggles, cries or even throws his temper whenever we want him to wear the appropriate shoes for certain activities. Initially, we thought there's problem with those shoes so I went to get him another new pair of sport shoes (bigger size and more comfy). Hoever, the problem still remains! This time, I suspect the root of the problem could be on Junior YS himself.

Out of curiosity, I went to google for similar symptoms and I saw a website link on sensory processing disorder. Although he only displays a few signs but I am suspecting it could be a mild case of it. Of course, I'm not a doctor to confirm this and we have no intention to bring him to consult any doctor about it yet. I'm just praying that all these symptoms will slowly go away and we are trying our best to get him to overcome his fear.

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