Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Junior YS has turned 5!

I guess when the older kids are older and they do not need me to prepare any birthday celebration in the school for them, I am more relax now since I only need to prepare for the youngest's birthday celebration only. Knowing that Junior YS's birthday was actually on Monday, we decided to buy a small cake to celebrate with sister and papa (since they were unable to attend his school birthday celebration the next day).

He chose a Power Ranger chocolate cake from Polar Puffs.

Looked so serious while making a wish.

Managed to find a meaningful puzzle toys for his friends.

This year, he wanted a racing cars cake from Prima Deli.

A group picture with all his cousins and K1 friends.

Dear Junior YS,

You never fail to make me smile with your wit and humour,
you often amaze me with your thirst for knowledge
you often surprise me with your interesting conversational skill.

Having said that,
at times you can make me so angry with your temperamental nature,
you can get angry with me for not paying enough attention to you,
you can just get away with things with your smile.

You are always the baby in the house and we hope you will grow up well and healthy.
Happy Birthday Son!


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