Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A TEA-rrific Teacher's Day Presents

The kids has been telling me that they need to prepare Teacher's Day presents this year. Googled online for ideas and decided to prepare a simple gift for their teachers. YQ is involved in her class rock band performance on Teacher's Day so they were tasked to prepare gifts to give to more teachers this year. YS only need to prepare a few for his own teachers. As for Junior YS, I have decided to switch him to another childcare centre so this will be his last Teacher's Day celebration with his beloved teachers. I'm sure he will miss all his teachers and friends at the current school.

I bought some plastic containers and washi tapes from Daiso. The quality is cheap and good.
Got them a few boxes of different tea bag varieties and packed them into the containers.
Decorated the container with washi tapes.

They wrote their personalised notes on small pieces of paper and sticked on top of those containers.
Simple & fuss free! 

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