Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Day We Celebrated Nation's 50th Birthday

Sil and her family invited us to her house on National Day for a little party this year. All of us were dressed in red to join in the nation's 50th birthday celebration. The kids went to get all the temporary tattoos from the NDP fun pack and requested me to put it on their faces and hands.

We went up to the sky garden again to take a look at the magnificent view of Singapore. Some of us went up to the sky garden to catch the fireworks show, while most of us catched the fireworks show from the comfort of sil's house. It was the first time that my auntie from KL tagged along with us to come and celebrate this special moment in Singapore.

Managed to capture the last burst of fireworks using my mobile phone.

We brought along a cake to celebrate with everyone.
Happy Birthday Singapore!

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