Friday, November 13, 2015

A short visit to the Coney Island

Pictures after pictures were showing on my FB feeds about Coney Island. The place seems to be quite a popular destination for families to check it out. Hb was interested to bring the kids to somewhere they have never been to and the weather was so nice after their swimming class. We packed a few bottles of water and a bottle of insect repellent spray into the bag and left the house hurriedly.

Hb drove us to The Punggol Settlement (you can google it to check out on the direction to get here) and parked his car there. We saw quite a few seafood restaurants here and probably we could try the seafood here one day.

We brought along the kids' scooters. There was a bike rental shop there and the public are able to rent bikes to cycle towards the Coney Island. We decided to walk there and enjoy the scenery this time round. Due to time constraint, we did not venture until very far in and did not get to see the famous "cow" that everyone was talking about. Older kiddos brought along their cameras to take picture of the scenery. 

East entrance of Coney Island.

Peaceful & serene nature

YQ was trying to take pictures of the nice scenery.

As we were walking, we saw butterflies, insects, flowers and different types of plant.

Informative board about the various types of birds found on Coney Island.

It was a good idea to bring along the scooter for him to distract him from all the walking.

We bought ice-creams for the kids to cool them down from the hot weather.

Junior YS's method on eating his ice-cream without dirtying himself, lol!

We reached here at around 11am and the weather was slightly hot. I reckon it will be nice and cooling if we went in the morning or probably in the early evening.

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