Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Goal Accomplished!

One of the holiday goals that I have set for YQ is to learn how to ride a bicycle on 2 wheels. Having been on numerous outings with the kids to the East Coast Park and one time to Pulau Ubin, I realised that she had a hard time catching up with us when she was riding on 4 wheels bicycle. I decided that this is it, she has to MASTER it before the school holiday ends in 2015.

Although I have set the goal for her to accomplish this holiday but we have been putting it on hold the whole time because hb has been busy with work. YS was previously been trained by hb so this time I have left this important task for him to guide YQ too :P

Days and weeks have passed by, hb remembered the GOAL I wrote on their whiteboard. He took a few hours off his busy schedule last weekend, filled up the kids' bicycle tyres with air and off we went to the nearby neighbourhood park.

On the first day, we rented a bike for YQ which was slightly smaller size so as to make sure she was able to stand firmly on her feet if she lost her balance. Hb took almost an hour to make sure YQ knew how to balance herself on 2 wheels and half supporting her while she cycled. At the end of that 1 hour, she was able to cycle without support for a short distance by herself.

On the next day, YQ was excited to try again and this time we removed the extended legs from her own bicycle and went to the nearby park to try again. After a while, she got the hang of it and went to ride even longer distance than the day before. We were so happy for her and I'm sure after a few times of practices, she will be able to ride smoothly like her brother.

I think on our next outing, she will be able to ride as fast as all of us. So now we are left with 1 more kid to train, hurhurhur! I will leave that important task to hb in time to come :P

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