Wednesday, January 13, 2016

CULINARYON: Cooking Is Fun

Thanks to folks from Absolute PR and CULINARYON, we had an amazing time last weekend. The kids were looking forward to attend this media invitation after they knew that they were going to learn how to cook like a master junior chef.

The cooking school incorporates fun into cooking so that beginners like us won't feel too overwhelming and we get to learn how to prepare everything from scratch. The chefs are humorous and they are willing to give us tips on how to prepare the food better.


CULINARYON is the largest edutainment culinary studio in Asia and Europe. It is founded by Alex Blanc, Giulio D'Erme and Vera Sadovina. They believe that "Cooking is Fun and it's for everyone"!

The 1st CULINARYON studio was opened in Moscow in 2012. Due to its great success, the 9,000 sq ft studio doubled in size and serves an average of 3,000 clients per month in over 130 events.

The 2nd CULINARYON studio was opened in Singapore in late 2015. The 7,000 sq ft is well equipped with conderence room, 4 event areas with 16 cooking stations, 4 chefs tables and well-stocked bars. The venue is also suitable for corporate events, team building sessions, parties and celebrations.

A wefie before the event started

Looked like they were going for a massive cookout session

Yummy food for invited guests

Cheese platter

The reception counter of CULINARYON

Various variety of wines to pair with foods

Big and spacious cooking stations

Colourful and pretty kitchen decor

We learnt how to make Chocolate Lava Cake

Fresh out from the oven

Chef demostrated by using liquid nitrogen to make vanilla ice-cream

Super yummylicious

We learnt how to make the pasta noodles from scratch

No doubt about the freshness and goodness of these ingredients used for cooking

They just could not stop eating :P

Washed their hands

The kids had their share of fun learning and messing up the place

All the flour on her apron and hair

Certificates were given to all participants

I did a short video on some parts of our cooking lesson and also why my kids enjoyed so much on the flour destruction (I called it the flour fighting). I have never seen them played until so crazy before.

#04-63 Tower 2, One Raffles Place, Singapore 048616
Opening Hours:
11am - 11pm (By Appointment only, need to sign up for classes in advance)
+65 3108 0385

Disclaimer: We were invited to attend the cooking session at CULINARYON. No monetary was compensated, all opinion are my own.

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